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OBC Vision 20/20

Olive Branch Church 2020 Vision


Vision #1

Olive Branch will increase by more than 3000 new members as a result of approaching evangelism as a relational opportunity rather than a religious obligation.


After experiencing the increase of one thousand five hundred new members over the past ten years, Olive Branch is primed once again for a tide of new members. Over the last few years due to traditional word of mouth, billboard placements, cd production and other types of marketing, Olive Branch’s brand name has grown considerably. Once only strictly viewed as a rural Antioch church, Olive Branch has evolved into an Increasingly house hold name and is on the unofficial “visit that church list” for recent newcomers to the area. Our consistency has paid off.


In order to reach this goal, many variables need be considered. First, we will consider that is in God’s will that Olive Branch Church increase in light of His plan and purpose for us and those He desires we engage. Our increase will not happen because we are better but because we have been chosen by God to be such.


Secondly, we will review evangelism through a set of eyes that sees it as a benefit for the person being talked to and not a burden for that person or a cause for embarrassment for the member. Evangelism is about building relationships, not selling religion.


Thirdly, we will approach expansion plans with Goal One in mind. As we draw nearer to building facilities at both locations, we will not lose track of the increased numbers that we will need to serve. Obviously, we will need adequate space to serve our present and future members.


Fourthly, we will capitalize on our brand name through new and improved marketing strategies, which will further express who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We thus will strategically maximize opportunities to share with someone via personal contact, television, newsprint, the internet and its many options, and other initiatives.


Lastly, all ministries, especially those directly related to customer and member services, will see and execute their respective value in providing the type of service that is consistent with recruiting and retaining members.


Vision #2


Olive Branch will emphasize and support educational enrichment as a fundamental component of its total ministry strategy.


Never before, in my estimation, has there been such an urgent need for Olive Branch to provide and promote educational opportunities to its members. As the world continues to change, we must acknowledge the changes that are taking place both globally and locally, and be at the forefront of our members’ lives in helping them navigate the waters of transition.


First of all, we must offer our young a consistent, relevant, safe, and age appropriate learning environment here at the Church. Nothing in this educational goal should be more important than the enlightenment of our young. Thus, more intentionality will be provided to redevelop, restructure and refortify how we best educate our children in the tenets of our faith.


Secondly, we will significantly increase the dollar amount given to provide more tuition scholarships and text book scholarships to our members who are headed to college and those who are presently attending. With rising costs and decreasing resources, our students need to experience our commitment to educational enrichment, both monetarily and motivationally.


Thirdly, we will establish our own Leadership Institute, which will train all ages the values and principles of servant leadership, student leadership, business leadership, parental leadership, marriage leadership, ministry leadership and professional leadership. We are poised to add additional value to our community and society, by helping to raise up trained leaders in all areas of life.


Fourthly, we will continue to consider our role in educating children. Thus, over the next few years a decision will be made in terms of our institutional involvement in that educational process in terms of daycare, charter school, private school, and aftercare. Nonetheless, we will continue to support our adopted schools as a way to encourage and augment the wonderful work that is being performed in their respective classrooms.


Vision #3


Olive Branch will promote the spirit of excellence as a model to its members and to society by enhancing all aspects of it operations.


Nothing shines like something that has been shined. That is, effort must be given in order that excellence is produced. Excellence is thus a product of what we intentionally and consistently do rather than something that happens by accident. Quality, not necessarily quantity, will continue to be emphasized in our execution as it is highlighted in our Vision.


First of all, we will examine what we do and will forego events and initiatives and invitations that inherently prevent our expressing our excellence. We must not put ourselves in positions to fail just so that we can say we tried. We need not raise the standard. Rather, we must raise our sense of the existing standard.


Secondly, we will increase and upgrade our staff to appropriate levels so that excellence is achievable without unnecessary exhaustion. We will also re-configure our organizational chart and structure to optimize our strengths and better serve our aims.


Thirdly, our curriculum will be infused with approaches to excellence and visuals of excellence so as to provide practical and personal approaches to upgraded living. Deadlines and timelines need not always be adjusted. Our thinking, oft-times, is in need of the adjustment.


Fourthly, our commitment to excellence will be visible in the preached sermons, taught lessons, printed materials, mowed lawns, cleaned restrooms, lit smiles, rehearsed music, authentic worship, fulfilled promises, and other points of engagement.


Vision #4


Olive Branch will develop strategic partnerships locally and globally in the areas of ministry, missionary outreach and economic development.


For years, God has been sending Olive Branch persons with specific business technical knowledge and savvy. Those persons have been given to us, as we all have, to add value to the life of this church and it’s Vision. As noted in the opening letter, our untapped capacity is a key component of our success. Therefore, over the next ten years, we will unleash the expertise of our congregation in a variety of different ways.


First of all, we will develop partnerships here in the United States and abroad to effectively combat the ills of hunger, poverty, and illiteracy. Not only will we commit increased amounts of financial support, but more of our people will be engaged in missions work both here in this country and on other continents.


Secondly, we will develop both formal and informal relationships with other churches, denominations, and religious organizations to strengthen both us and them. It is imperative that we not be isolated from the extraordinary work that is being performed across the globe by believers of all shapes, sizes and colors.


Thirdly, we will develop and promote conferences and workshops that assist churches and individual believers in their pursuit of purpose.


Fourthly, we will actively seek and pursue opportunities to enter into for profit agreements that as direct result will allow us to continue to sow seed of enlightenment and compassion.


Fifthly, we will continue to pursue opportunities to promote the business aspirations of our members. 

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