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Here at Olive Branch, we believe that mankind is not alone in this realm of time and life as a human. We believe that God is real and did indeed, manifest Himself as a human in the form of Jesus Christ, the Son. We believe that whosoever believe in the Son, Jesus Christ, has salvation in the Kingdom of God.

As one of the core values at Olive Branch Church, we want to equip believers to become fully-devoted followers of Christ through the aide of the Holy Spirit through worship, OBC Life Groups, and OBC Ministries. OBC Life Groups and OBC Ministries are composed of believers taking the next step towards spiritual maturity together.

The goal of serving in OBC Life Groups and OBC Ministries is to build relationships with your OBC Family and to encourage each other in Christ through everyday life situations. Maybe you just gave your heart to Jesus or you have been a Christian for years, spiritual maturity is essential to your growth in Christ and our focus is to help you on that journey.

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