A Word from Our Pastor

Dearly Beloved,


A few Sundays ago, one of my sermon points was “Hold on to what holds you together”. Today, each of us needs to “hold to Godʼs unchanging hand”. Itʼs nonnegotiable. Itʼs not a maybe; itʼs a must. Especially today. And, when tomorrow becomes today, the mandate remains. We cannot afford to let go of our strong faith that reminds us that God is God even in the midst of what can look like and feel like uncertainty.


As you may now know, on-site worship services have been canceled for at least the next two Sundays. Additionally, all other scheduled events, ministry meetings, and activities have been canceled/postponed. I am sure you understand the need for us to follow health precautions. Thank you for your compliance.


While we will not gather at our churches, we will continue to host our 10:00am worship service on-line. I strongly encourage you to engage your church on-line as many do already. Now is certainly not the time to disconnect. Both you and I need to hear all the Word of God that we can get. To stay connected, at 10:00am Sunday morning visit  www.olivebranchchurch.org and click the Watch Live button. Youʼll be routed to YouTube. Simply type in OBC TV and click subscribe. You can also view previous worship services on YouTube. Additionally, you can watch the service on the Olive Branch Church Facebook page.


Hereʼs another important point:  CONTINUE TO GIVE. With mortgages, payroll, utilities, insurance, and other financial commitments, we need everyone to give to the church we love. Believe me, we can and will make it through these times with everyone continuing to give. The collection will not be the same without your contribution.  To give, go to www.olivebranchchurch.org and click on the GIVE button. There, youʼll learn about the many ways to give including mailing your check to the church as some currently do.


In closing, I want to ensure you that we are still here for you and are praying for you. At our ministersʼ meeting Monday, the entire congregation was segmented by age groups and a minister was assigned to pray for each group at 7:00 every morning. Also coming soon is the return of our Monday Morning Motivational Moment. Please stay tuned for more updates and ways to connect to your church.




Pastor Vinnie

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