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Our Commitment to Spiritual Growth

At Olive Branch Church, we believe that baptism and baby dedication are important milestones in the lives of both children and parents. We have a passionate team of ministers who are dedicated to providing a meaningful and memorable experience for all involved. 

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Olive Branch Church's Baptism and Baby Dedication ceremonies serve as profound expressions of faith, celebrating the immeasurable grace of God through Jesus Christ. These sacred events are scheduled quarterly, providing a structured and meaningful opportunity for the congregation to partake in the spiritual journey of its members.

The Baptism ceremony symbolizes a significant step in one's faith journey, marking the commitment to a life guided by the teachings of Christ. Participants publicly declare their faith, embodying the transformative power of grace, and affirming their connection to the church community.

Similarly, the Baby Dedication ceremony is a cherished occasion where families present their infants to the congregation, acknowledging the role of faith in their child's upbringing. This ceremony is a testament to the parents' commitment to instill Christian values in their child's life, fostering a sense of community and shared spiritual responsibility within the church family.

Both ceremonies provide a tangible manifestation of the intangible grace experienced through a life dedicated to Christ. As Olive Branch Church continues to uphold these quarterly rituals, it underscores its commitment to nurturing a faith community where individuals can openly express their devotion and share in the joy of these transformative experiences.

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Baby Dedication


We recognize that there are many different ways that baptism has been administered throughout the centuries and that a range of perspectives exist on it within the global Church. While we respect a variety of differing opinions, we affirm and hold to these essentials about baptism.

  • We believe that Jesus established and endorsed baptism for his followers, leading the way for all his disciples to follow in his example.

  • We believe that baptism is for believers who have already repented and have placed their faith in Christ.

  • We believe that baptism is much more than just a religious ritual. It’s a unique action by which believers can express their sincere trust in Christ. In essence, baptism is a way of going public with your desire and commitment to follow him by faith.

  • We believe that baptism is a powerful symbol of death and resurrection.

  • We believe that followers of Jesus should be baptized by immersion in water.



Baptism is not just some random or flippant church tradition, but it was established and ordained by Jesus to be a sacred sign of the covenant relationship between him and his followers. Jesus set the example for us by being baptized by his cousin John the Baptist and he commands the church to baptize new disciples (Matthew 3:16-1828:19-20). After Jesus’ ascension, the Apostles continued preaching about the expectation of baptism for those coming into the faith (Acts 2:38-3910:47-48).

Baby dedication is a beautiful part of community life at Olive Branch Church. In it, we recognize that God is the author and keeper of our children’s lives, and we, as His church, get to participate in that story. We host child dedications as a special event a few times throughout the year. 

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