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Growing Together in Faith for 148!

Olive Branch Church has been an essential part of the Antioch community, providing spiritual guidance and support for 148 years. We are a place where people come to connect, grow and find the strength to face challenges that they may be experiencing. 

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For 148 years, Olive Branch Church has made an impression on the Antioch, Tennessee community. The vision for the church was brought to fruition in 1875 when its first Pastor, Parson Whitsitt, and the Turner, Paskett, Battle, Burk, Thompson, Britton, People, Allen, King, Wilson, Guthrie, Sanders, Winsted, Gooch, Mingle, Flye, Boyd, Wray, Porter, Gray, Harding and Covington families founded it.

These families were able to accomplish the vision set before them by praying, working together, and a faith that couldn’t be moved. That same spirit and hard work has allowed Olive Branch to serve as a refuge for people looking for a safe haven. What they find at Olive Branch is so much more; they find family.

In 2001 the Church completed an expansion project which cost over $1.2 million dollars and took two years to complete due to excavation challenges. In addition to the original church grounds, the Church also owns 25 acres.

On February 5, 2006, Olive Branch established a second church location in Murfreesboro, Tennessee (approximately 27 miles from the Antioch site).  

Olive Branch continues to be a blessing to others through various local and international outreach initiatives.  Each initiative falls under three focal areas of concern in our community: Illiteracy, Hunger, and Poverty.

At Olive Branch Church members are constantly shown and told that they are valuable; their minds are valuable; their bodies are valuable; and their dreams are valuable.  Although there is much work to be done in the vineyard, our aim and church focus is to reflect the love and grace of God; connect all to the body of Christ; and Commission the saved to win souls.

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Discover Our Beliefs - Transform Your Life

Our church was established as an independent church with one goal in mind: to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that the message of the Bible is relevant and applicable in our daily lives. From our Sunday services to our weekly Bible studies, we provide a range of educational resources for our members to grow in their faith. Our strong community spirit and family-friendly atmosphere make Olive Branch Church the perfect place to strengthen your relationship with God.

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Dr. Vincent L. Windrow, Sr.

Dr. Vincent L. Windrow, Sr., has dedicated his life to helping others grow, learn, and achieve their goals. With extensive education,  he is uniquely qualified to lead our congregation with love and wisdom. 

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Founded in 1875, Olive Branch Church has a rich history of long-serving pastors. In fact, there have been only four pastors in the last nearly 150 years. Its current pastor, Dr. Vincent L. Windrow, has served for twenty-three years.


Since 1999, Pastor Windrow has led the congregation to new heights in membership, establishing a vibrant second location in 2006, expanding its local and international outreach, increasing ministries and staff, and deepening people's understanding of God's power and presence in everyday life. The God blessed pastor-people partnership that thrives at Olive Branch is a model for other churches both large and small. 

Pastor Windrow's accomplishments inside and outside the pulpit are too numerous to list. The accolades he has received have been too frequent to follow.

Yet, through all the successful moments, he has maintained his unique ability to "walk with kings without losing the common touch." He remains approachable and encouraging. To the delight of many people, Pastor Windrow is comfortable enough with who he is to wear Levi jeans with a Gucci belt.


His earned degrees include a doctorate degree from Tennessee State and both a master's and bachelor's degree from Middle Tennessee State University. He also earned a Th.B. degree from American Baptist College. 


For the last 26 years, he and wife Stacy have built a great life for them and their two children Lorenzo and Jewell. The couple resides in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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